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The dPhoenixSuite 3.0 is a completely digitally sovereign workplace developed for public administration in Germany as the perfect alternative to classic Office packages. Write emails, edit documents with colleagues, chat, and make video calls. Anywhere and anytime. From a secure cloud, on servers in Germany, and with total control over your own data.

More independence

Whether you’re looking for a classic email software, powerful Office, file sharing, or lively video conferences. With the dPhoenixSuite 3.0, you will receive a web-based collaboration platform based on the best open-source solutions. Since it is operated in secure German datacentres and clouds, you get total control over your data, and your digital sovereignty is protected. Become independent from single providers and global players.

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PhoenixSuite 3.0 modules

  • dPhoenixMail

    • Communicate via email
    • Organize appointments
    • Manage contacts
    • Plan tasks
  • dPhoenixOffice

    • Create and edit texts, spreadsheets and presentations. Alone or together with colleagues. Compatible with Microsoft Office products.
    • Share files with ease and organize in folders
  • dOnlineZusammenarbeit 2.0

    • Conduct audio and video conferences
    • Chat
    • Work simultaneously in small groups (breakout sessions)
    • Collaborate on a whiteboard
    • Take notes
    • Conduct polls


  • Digital sovereignty
    Sovereignty and total control over your data and any data that has been entrusted to you
  • Transparency and independence
    Open-Source software from different manufacturers
  • Security
    Operation in German datacentres and secure clouds
  • Anytime and anywhere
    Edit documents online, independent of location and time, alone or together with others in a team
  • Fit for the future
    Continual expansion of functions guaranteed
  • Comfort
    Work as usual thanks to a intuitive user interface

Open-source modules from different manufacturers

Made in Germany and Europe: All dPhoenixSuite 3.0 modules are being developed in Germany and Europe. Together with our strong community, administration and business network, we are advancing the Phoenix project. In addition, we are in regular contact with the manufacturers to continually develop new features. New modules are also always being added. This way, your digital workplace keeps on growing while you are keeping pace with the developments of the future. To get an insight into the project, take a look at our Phoenix workshop.

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