Digitalisation. With a High Level of Security.

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Secure IT infrastructures and services are the basis for digital sovereignty. Citizens and companies entrust sensitive data to the state and its administrative bodies on a daily basis. We protect this data.

As an IT service provider for public administration we stand for IT security without compromise.  We test new technologies thoroughly and optimise them for use in public administration.

In collaboration with local authorities and regional governments (Länder) we shape digital change in society. We develop innovative IT services which will simplify administrative procedures for both public authorities and citizens.

We help making digital transition a success.

"Digital sovereignty implies the state’s ability to communicate and act digitally.“

Dr. Johann Bizer
CEO of Dataport

No Limits to Digital Change

We think about digital change comprehensively and cooperatively, for six Länder, one IT association of local authorities, for both regional and local administrations.  This is unique. As a public-law institution we are a not-for-profit-body and concentrate on finding the best solution instead.

Landkarte von Deutschland mit hervorgehobenen Bundesländern Hamburg, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein, Niedersachsen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern und Sachsen-Anhalt

Competence in IT and administration

Our mission is to enable the public sector to use modern organizational forms, processes and techniques - without jeopardizing the security and integrity of their data. The balanced competence in IT and public administration of our employees is the requirement for a successful support of the public administration for digitization and is unique in the market.

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Award-winning Employer

Collaboration is our strength.  Agile in teams and projects. We want more: more ideas, more lateral thinkers, more visionaries, more meaning. A good working atmosphere is important to us.  We pay attention to work-life balance.  For this we offer flexible work time solutions.  We respect equal opportunities. Already, 30% of our management team are women. We aim to increase this quota.

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Some Statistics on Dataport

9offices in 7 federal states
30%women in management
1,17bn. Euro turnover

Our Locations

If you want to get in contact you can find us at our locations all over Germany.

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Together towards the Digitised Future


Dataport is founded by state contract, merging the ICT service providers of the Länder Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg.


The Länder Mecklenburg-West Pommerania (IT services for tax administration only) and Bremen join the circle of owners of Dataport.


Lower Saxony becomes the 5th owner.


The local authorities of Schleswig-Holstein, represented by their IT association, join the circle of owners of Dataport.


Saxony-Anhalt signs the state contract, establishing its joint ownership by the date 1st January, 2013.